[2022, May] We are co-organizing a two-day (25-26 May) workshop on semantic information theory with IEEE ITSoc HK. Welcome to join! Please register here for free.

[2022, Apr.] Paper accepted at IJCAI 2022. Slides and presentation available soon.

[2022, Mar.] I will be joining the Theory Lab, 2012 Labs at Huawei Technologies in March. Looking forward to being part of the team!

[2021, Dec.] I will present at IEEE CDC2021.

[2021, Aug.] I will be joining the Cognitive Computing Lab at Baidu Research in September. Excited to work with the amazing people here!

[2021, July] I will give a talk at Baidu Research.

[2021, July] I received the IBM Quantum Developer Certification, and I will attend the Qiskit Global Summer School 2021.

[2021, Apr.] I defended my dissertation (abstract) in April.

[2020, Nov.] I will participate in Rising Stars 2020 at the University of California, Berkeley.

Other Selected Works

My poems in Songci style


Dedekind's Problem